Upholstered and cabinet furniture

  • Design:  2014
  • Realisation:  2015
Worked on: 

The architectural workshop was a general designer for furniture production of «Creative space Ы». The main task was to follow the principle of conceptual design. It presupposes the following: taking into consideration ergonomic and dynamic aspects of modern everyday life, our observations of interaction between people and furniture, the analysis of psychological impact on interior perception in relation to colours and shapes — to achieve the harmonious arrangement of furniture in interiors of any function and style.

Kitchen furniture and dining table.

Kitchen furniture and a dining table are the main functional places for storage in the kitchen zone. They were developed according to the principal of mosaic – all cabinets and drawers, including kitchen closet and refrigerator, are separated with facades of different size. Additionally, the shelves and drawers were made different in size as well and were set at different levels. These zone characteristics are not only esthetic, but also functional; they allow the housekeeper to place kitchen utensils in accordance with its size and the person’s taste.

We tried to construct the dining table to be wide, stable, and elegant at the same time. In its base there is a heavy steel sheet, which provides necessary stability with a unique distribution of legs. Along with the function, this black thin sheet creates an effect of either a weird shadow of a table or a picture on the floor, making the table to float in the air. From different viewpoints the legs of the table are designed in different ways: from one side they are painted black, from the other side one can see wood veneer. A tabletop at first sight seems to be thin and fragile, though its thickness is quite substantial. This visual effect is achieved with the help of processing of a tabletop edge with a wide chamfer.

Sofa and pouffes

A sofa “cube to cube” will help to put a bright, daring emphasis in the interior. Originally, the sofa has a geometrically right form with a precise contour. The pallet of colours is based on harmonious mixture of blue, violet and lilac which excludes the feeling of mishmash. A striking highlight of the sofa is a part of its back — full of vertical lines which confront the monotony of horizontal lines of the base.

Pouffes as well don’t lack their uniqueness. Initially they were planned as soft stools and short benches to surround the dining table. Long pouffe is convenient for two persons, either a couple, who doesn’t want to part even during the meals, or a mother who wishes to sit near the child, helping him or her to eat. Pouffes have irregular shape, which allows to group and regroup them at your wish, forming new elements of larger size and more complex form with a different combination of coloures. But the main peculiarity of these furniture elements – it is their legs, which gave the name to this collection as “running pouffes”. The legs are set at an angle to the base of the pouffe, thus creating an effect of it being alive and wishing to run away from under the person.

Entrance hall wardrobe with a pouffe ileri (from Turkish = forward)

This wardrobe has an interesting way to open the doors. They roll into different sides, using a “book” system. It allows to save the space, which is impossible in case of single swing doors. At the same time it gives access to the whole wardrobe inside which is impossible in the construction of a case-compartment. To save even more space we have hidden the pouffe inside the wardrobe. This pouffe can be rolled out any moment. Inside the pouffe there is a large space for shoes. We were keen to make an experiment, so we played with stitches (capitonné style) put buttons much bigger than it was necessary and thus got an orthopedic massage seat! The facades of the wardrobe outside are cozy white, but inside we wanted to add brightness and each drawer has an individual colour.

Writing desk and washstand with a built-in chest of drawers.

These two writing desks were specially designed for our fellow-colleagues from “Creative space Ы». The desks had to demonstrate the concept of the company’s furniture, to be practical and neat during the work. The shape of a desk top is octagon, which allows to group tables close to each other. Under the desk top there is a niche to keep handily everything necessary for the work not to pile the table. The pillar of the table at one side is quite wide and partially hides the legs of a sitting person. At the other side, the shape of the pillar adds to originality of the workpiece.

When designing a washstand with a built-in chest of drawers, we had the same task as we did with the tables — to avoid cluttering of space. As a result in the hull of the construction there are spacious drawers, while over the washbowl there is a comfortable hidden niche. The niche is hidden behind the door-lid, which gives an access to toothbrushes, toothpastes and so on. The door-lid is opened up along the side guides. At first sight it looks like a usual shelf under the mirror. The materials which were used are also not typical: olive veneer decorated with smalt.

Multifunctional module for bedroom

This piece of furniture is difficult to call just a bed. Besides a sleeping place it includes many storage areas, a big mirror with a backlight, a dressing table and a pouffe. We have also solved a problem of routine necessity to make a bed, what to do with pillows and blankets. Sleeping place is provided with a special cover, which during the daytime is fixed on the perimeter to the mattress with a zipper. Before going to bed it is necessary just to unzip the soft cover revealing pillows and blankets, and put it away in a large drawer. We don’t have to spend time making the bed beautiful, we just open and close the cover. If there is enough space in the bedroom, one can locate a dressing zone behind the headboard of the bed. This zone consists of two dressing-tables which are moved on the wheels. One can keep cosmetics and different household appliances there. There is also a pouffe and a shelf along the mirror, where it is convenient to put all necessities.