Reconstruction of the quarter

  • Design:  2009
Worked on: 

The territory includes several functional zones:

  • business area
  • living area (apartment hotels and luxury residential development along the bank of the Neva River)
  • exhibition area
  • pedestrian area

It is possible to get to this territory from two stops of public transport: at the 26th line and Kosaya line. Along with that, the subway exit is planned to be open at Kosaya line. This exit forms the beginning of one of two main walking directions. One of them is inside the block. The entrances to shopping and exhibition halls are reached from this pedestrian street. The street forms a square in front of the tower of the Museum of the avant-garde, and continues to the embankment ending up with a dock access.

The second main pedestrian direction is an embankment, with all transport system hidden in the tunnel along the Neva River. The embankment is divided into several levels, it has a pier for vessels and excursion boats. It has connection with the pedestrian part of the bridge across the river, as well.

The multistorey business buildings at 26-27th lines screen this territory from harmful effects of neighbour industrial zone. Along the inner driveway there are apartment-hotels. Their yards are lifted up over the level of conference-halls of business area. The business area is connected with hotels by means of passages of shopping and entertainment complex over the driveway and pedestrian zone. It is a comfortable solution for office workers, who use hotel services.

Close to 26-27th lines there is a fitness-centre combined with a preschool institution, which can be used by the guests of apartment-hotels.

In the centre of the territory there is a low-rise exhibition complex. An architectural monument, built under the project of Chernikhov in 1930-31, dictates the height of buildings. Cable car workshop with a water tower will be reconstructed and partially restored to get a new function – a museum of the avant-garde. At the ground level the complex is separated by Maslyaniy canal, but at the second level it is united with an exhibition pavilion.

Technical entrances to the trade and exhibition complexes in the northern part of the territory are organized from a newly planned driveway inside the block. Delivery of exhibits and goods is completely isolated from the pedestrian zone.

The same inner driveway performs an approach to the apartment-hotels close to the 26th line.

To the left from the exhibition complex, along the 26th line there are architectural, design and art workshops. They are connected to each other at the first two levels by means of several supportive services

Along the embankment there is a terraced-type complex of luxury residence. The height of buildings is increasing with the distance from the bank, thus most of flats have a splendid view.
The houses and workshops as well as the concert and exhibition complex can be reached from newly planned inner block driveway.