Apartment in Pushkin

  • Design:  2013
  • Square:  45.0 м2

Owners of this flat, which is in the historical house in Pushkin, are very interesting people! They are real connoisseurs of art and collectors of Antiques and simply unique things! Starting with the flat that belongs to the owners for the third generation, and finishing with a special sugar spoon of the 18th century — everything here has its special historical value! The owner is proud of the fact that in his kitchen one can see the same kitchenware as in Russian Museum. This project had to provide the place for all their collections. Thus, over the bathroom block there appeared the special area for the collection of suitcases. In the width of the wall which can be called an exhibition one the niches have been grooved to place the collection of different figurines, statuettes and so on. The wall which separates the bathroom from the restroom is decorated with vintage tiles.

This modest size flat being unique in itself required a non-standard layout. The two room flat is transformed into a loft space. The living room is united with kitchen, and in sleeping zone to gain as much free space as possible sleeping place is compactly combined with the wardrobe.

The bed is lifted to the second level, and under it the space is divided into two parts: the wardrobe of the host and the wardrobe of the hostess. We didn’t put a massive wall between the private zone and the main area to avoid the piling up. Instead of it we chose to put a wooden book cabinet wall. The doors on the both sides are made of glass as well as the door lintel.

The kitchen worktop and windowsills are made of reinforced concrete with a color tint added. The walls are peeled from the weak plaster. Brick is a natural material which we left visible.