Concert and exhibition complex

  • Design:  2009
Worked on: 

At the territory, the complex is situated near the exit off the bridge, over the tunnel along the bank. This planning method allows to hide transport system, to separate it from pedestrians and to enlarge the pedestrian waterfront.

Large-span construction of both tunnel and concert hall allows to locate them one over the other.

The entrance into the building is easily reached from 2 directions: the embankment and the residential block. At two sides of the concert hall there are two complexes. They have different height and functions. The complex along the Neva River will house exhibitions, while the upper floors, offering great view to the historical buildings of Saint-Petersburg, such as St. Isaac’s Cathedral, will be occupied with restaurants. The second complex, at the other side of the concert hall, has a scientific function. There will be offices and lecture halls.

The concert hall seats quite many people — up to 1980 visitors. It can be transformed to hold concerts, opera, ballet, as well as congresses.

The space of concert hall is partially combined with an exhibition area, but it can be used independently.

The exhibition area has a system of ramps which gives an opportunity to move non-stop from level to level from exhibit to exhibit without interruptions.

The ramps are located not only inside the hall, but outside too. They function as an extra entrance to the exhibition area at the embankment side, and as an emergency exit from the concert hall at the opposite side.

Outdoors the exhibition continues at the residential side having a connection with the exhibition complex inside the residential block.

Both sides of tunnel exit are surrounded with an artificial covered with grass mound, to protect the block area from the noise.

The exhibits are delivered to the special ground at the basement floor and moved to the storage rooms. This ground is located at the side facing the bridge.