About Studio

Architectural Studio of Lidia Ballakh was founded in 2010. We work here — a team of talented architects and designers.

Our approach is a quality design and functional architecture, which involves a high level of construction and takes into account all the needs of the Customer.

We work with projects different in scale and budget: from creating the interiors of residential and public spaces to solving urban problems. For you, we are ready to plan, calculate and implement the projects of low-rise cottage construction and landscape architecture, as well as multifamily residential complexes and large construction objects.

One of our strengths is the ideology of the project. Architecture and design based on one concept, is always more harmonious and expressive in a form and a content. It is the original integrity and reasonability of the project — from urban concept to the location of towels in the bathroom – provides the ease of the use and perfect architectural forms.

We lead the project from the general to the particular, paying great attention to each detail. We visualize the concept from the earliest design stages, which helps to see the project as a whole from the very beginning.

Working then and there and creating actual projects, we never forget that our architecture should remain an integral part of the surrounding context for decades.

We keep up with the time, that’s why we use the most modern technologies, we constantly look for new solutions and experiment with construction and finishing materials.

Turning to the architectural Studio of Lidia Ballakh, you choose an individual approach to your project and high-quality execution.